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What is XFL Picks?

XFL Picks is designed as a free service to be able to pick the games of the XFL Season and a discussion group. With the 2020 XFL Revival, we are excited to pick for this new league. Think you can beat us? Come on and join. Challenge your friends too! Compete week to week or season long.

Is it really FREE?

Yes. No paypal or credit card required. Why? Because I've believed that this site should be about having fun. You will never be asked to pay a monthly or yearly fee. If you wish to donate, I won't turn down a donation to keep it running.

News and Updates

November 30, 2019: Version 0.3.0 is now live! Details

November 08, 2019: Version 0.1.0 was released today. It has the schedule and the ability to make your picks for the season that's available so far Details

December 13, 2018: The first version of our Member's area is now live! Register and it will create a forum account as well. Details